Campfires not only keep you warm - they are perfect for experiments.


This girl is not so happy about the chilly temperatures.

Candlestick 2

"Look! I's burning!" she said excitedly.


Enjoying the snow in a self-built snow cave.

At sunset

A campfire keeps this girls warm as soon as the sun has set.


This kid is happy about the snow.

Playing with fire

This kid is trying to light her stick on fire.


Snow in the face isn't always funny...


This girl is fascinated by the fire that is glowing on her stick.


Most kids like the taste of melting snow - this kid even tries to lick it from its cheeks.

Glowing in the dark

Campfires are fascinating and not only kids are daring the flames.

Glowing in the dark

Girl looking at the illuminated snow cave in the dark of the night