Yes and No

Our second photo-assignment challenged me more than the first one: We should ask at least ten people, if we can photograph them. As a result, we should have at least five people saying „No“ and five saying „Yes“. In my opinion, this was a very effective rule, because even if we meet a person saying „No, I don’t want you to take a picture of me,“ this is a success for our assignment.

But asking people, if we can take a picture of them, heavily pushes me out of my comfort zone. I procrastinated the assignment until the last day and my first try, photographing people at Mud Lake, was not at all successful. I didn’t dare to ask any person. I was disappointed and angry about myself, but my husband didn’t allow me to take portraits of him and our kids. He forbid me to cheat.

As we continued driving, a garage sale was on out way. We stopped and talked a little to the people. He told us that he worked as a photographer (and he was selling lots of his equipment), so I screwed up my courage and asked, if I could take a picture of him and his wife for my assignment. The answer was „Yes, sure.“

After this, the spell was broken and it was nearly too easy to find a „Yes“-person. Everyone I asked agreed, some people were a little astonished, most of the people laughed as an answer, but only two people said „No“. One was the mother of a child I photographed. She went around with a cold, but offered her daughter as photo model instead.

To be honest, I cheated a little to get at least a second „No“: I asked a jogger, while she ran past me. I am not even sure, if she recognized that I was asking her something. But she didn’t stop and I interpreted this as a „No“.

For the following gallery, I picked the most interesting persons. The people are displayed in the order I met them (which also tells a little story about my day ;D).

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