Video Project

This week’s assignment was to create a short video. We were given a script and then had to go out and shoot some B-Roll. This was the most funny part of the work and in the end we had several footage. Unfortunately, we didn’t adjust the white balance, so all of our material had a green touch.

Working with the footage was more tricky, but I learned a lot about how to adjust the white balance afterwards, how to do the transitions and how to create a voice over. It is always awkward for me to hear my own voice and I didn’t like my voice over very much. In my opinion, I didn’t sound as motivated as I should when being a (real) news anchor.

The video itself was surprisingly quickly finished, but it took me a while to add the little details like captions. Also, I was running out of B-Roll that fits to the voice over. We were shooting nearly the same themes, so in the end, I didn’t have much variety. Like everyone else, I had a problem with the voice over script, there was a scene where a person is introduced for a long time. The footage didn’t really fit, because one is expecting to see the person, but there is so much text to read that it was not suitable to show the person.

In the end, I see this video as a draft and a way to experiment with the camera, the voice over booth and the video-editing program.

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