Map / Infographic Assignment

This week we had to play around with data. Because I need this for another class, I focused on how schools in Colorado are financed. Schoolview provides a lot of school related data, so I didn’t have struggles to find them.

Creating the map itself was pretty easy, too. I used my maps (google) for this. The main working part is that the data I wanted to display are not in one table. So I had to create a new spreadsheet and copy all data I need in this – manually.

The map contains several layers which can be (de)activated in the menu on the button left on top.


I wanted to create an infographic with google’s Public Data Explorer, unfortunately this tool didn’t work. I put the schools‘ budgets from 2014 to 2016 and the differences between revenues and expenses in a table and wanted to display them as a graph. I finally ended up doing this with Excel.

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