Boulder Country Day School presents high school opportunities to middle school students and their families

For the fourth year in a row Boulder Country Day School opened its doors for boarding schools around the country and local Boulder/Denver High Schools.

Local High Schools and Boarding Schools around the country presented themselves at the Boulder Country High School Fair on Wednesday. [Anne Hennig]
More than 60 boarding schools from 21 states and 16 local schools from Boulder County and Denver presented themselves to middle school students and their families during the Boulder Country High School Fair on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

According to John Suitor, Head of the Boulder Country Day School, 150 to 200 visitors each year seize the fair to get in touch with local High Schools and boarding school from all over the U.S. “It’s great!” he said, “The families learn more about High Schools from a fair like this than by just visiting the schools.” Parents very much appreciated the opportunity to talk to the school representatives personally and explore the possibilities, he summarized the experiences from the last years.

Carminda Fischer is searching for a good High School for her daughter. “It seems that most public schools are focusing on science, that is not what my daughter wants,” she said. The fair offers her the opportunity to explore regional High Schools with different profiles.

A broader variety of programs and more individual profiles are the major advantages of private schools. Kinsey Kranjcec, 8th-grader and passionate dancer, wants to attend a boarding school at the East Coast, with a focus on dancing. She has no preference yet, but Catherine Suitar’s has a first priority: St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The family already has a senior there. Gail Suitar appreciates smaller class sizes, better access to teachers and individual “pushes”. “It is more a one-to-one teaching,” Catherine added.

Families talked to representatives from the schools. [Anne Hennig]
Steamboat Mountain School from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for example, has 70 students, said Principal Meg Morg. But only a third of their students come from Colorado, the rest is “from everywhere in between”, she told. Diversity is also a major focus of many private schools. “We have 540 students from 43 countries and 19 states,” explained Kim Major, Associate Director of Admission from George School in Newton, Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, the strive for diversity makes boarding schools more affordable. Although the tuition is enormous at first glance, these are not fixed costs, Gail Suitar told. Financial aid is often offered to students from underrepresented states, countries or social levels to increase diversity.

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